Flame Smart offers state-of-the-art burner management systems for any operation with burner management needs. From pilotless ignition to remote control capabilities, Flame Smart provides the operator with the benefits of simple and consistent flame technologies.

Flame Smart Ei+ / Flame Smart Ei / Flame Smart Ei3

Comprehensive BMS Packages for Plug & Play Installation | NEMA 4X Enclosure | Class 1, Div 2 Certified


The Flame Smart Ei+ model is ASHCOR’s primary recommendation for burner management controls, and is a standard inclusion for most ASHCOR flares and combustors.

This product is ideal for a variety of applications, especially for remote facilities using flares and combustors. This can include tank batteries and other oil and gas production operations.

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High temp and ignition failure shutdown
Actuator/solenoid valve control
Easy startup
Flame and flame sensor failure shutdown
Second stage valve control
Energy-efficient design and function
Data logging capabilities
Solar panel ready with built-in charge regulator
Flame Smart Ei Controller

The Flame Smart Ei ignites and maintains flare gas. Flares are monitored and relit automatically and incorporate innovative Igniter Technology to guarantee consistent and dependable ignition.

This product functions well within applications such as waste-to-energy and methane destruction, when operators have no need for tracking capabilities and can instead rely on a simple control solution.

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Energy efficient and functionality
Compatible with flare and combustor applications
Complete with pilot maintainer
Image module
Image module
Flame Smart Ei3 Controller

The Flame Smart Ei3 controls both the pilot and main burner gas valves, ensuring consistent functionality and safety with high-temperature shutdown as well as flame and failure shutdown.

This product is ideal for facilities that have the capability for pilotless ignition, as well as other operations with a strict need for extra safety features, including compressor stations, terminals and processing facilities.

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Compatible with fire tube applications
Pilotless Ignition Option
Complete with flame rod ignition
Additional Valve Control