Sonic Flare

The ASHCOR Sonic Flare is equipped with a high-pressure tip that uses the energy of the high-pressure gas steam for smokeless combustion and a reduced purge rate.

The Sonic Flare System’s features allow for lower radiation levels and reduce required stack height. Its operation is controlled by incoming flare gas pressure that causes the exit area to vary, providing constant backpressure and high exit velocity across the full operating range.

Flow rate for typical operating conditions is 22 MMSCFD from approximately 8 – 50 PSI.

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Product Information

Designed and manufactured with your individual site in mind, ASHCOR’s Sonic Flare system is a reliable solution for any application that needs to safely and efficiently burn off waste gas.

Product Application

The Sonic Flare is versatile enough to operate in a variety of applications such as:

Tank Batteries

The ASHCOR Sonic Flare can eliminate gas coming off tank batteries when a pipeline or other infrastructure is unavailable.

Production Operations

Oil and gas production operations include flowback. Gas released during this process must be vented when infrastructure is unavailable, and the ASHCOR Sonic Flare is the solution.

Pipeline Pump and Compressor Stations

When gas is released to regulate pressure along a pipeline, combustion is necessary to eliminate harmful contaminates. The ASHCOR Sonic Flare is designed to meet this need.

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities

The ASHCOR Sonic Flare is manufactured to handle venting of gas released into the atmosphere at facilities for processing oil into products for the end-user.

Sonic Flare
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Flame Arrester
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Flame Smart BMS
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Additional information

Standard Flare System Specs

• Retractable or fixed pilot
• High pressure burner
• Capacity up to 22 MMSCFD
• Scalable build options
• Can withstand wind speed up to 120 mph
• Painted carbon steel base
• Smokeless combustion
• Reduced purge rate
• Flame Smart burner management system
• ASHCOR flame arrester

Optional Upgrade Features

• Solar panel functionality for sites without power