Natural Draft Low Emissions Combustor

ASHCOR’s Low Emissions Combustor, powered by ClearSign Core™ technology, achieves the industry’s lowest NOx and CO emissions while maintaining a greater than 99.99% destruction efficiency. All units are equipped with ASHCOR flame arresters and Profire burner management controls that improve site safety and add a sense of reliability to the constant risk in the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, ASHCOR’s high capacity enclosed combustors are made of a stainless steel or painted carbon steel body and designed to withstand heavy wind, harsh oil and gas environments and other stringent conditions.

All ASHCOR high capacity enclosed combustors can be upgraded to include solar panel functionality and Class 1/Div 2 rated Profire burner management system.

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Product Information

ASHCOR’s Low Emissions Combustors are a reliable solution for any application that needs to safely and efficiently burn off waste gas.

Product Application

ASHCOR’s Low Emissions Combustors are versatile enough to operate in a variety of applications, including:

Production Operations
Low Pressure Tank Battery Storage
Truck Loading
Waste Gas Destruction (Heater Treaters, Separators, etc.)
Residual Gas from Well Plug and Abandon Operations
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Flame Arrester
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Flame Smart BMS
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Additional information


• 32-87 MMBTU/hr
• Refractory Lined
• Continuous pilot and flame presence monitoring
• Modular Burner Design
• 99.99+% DRE
• Eliminates VOC\'s
• Ultra Low NOx <5ppm
• Ultra Low CO <5ppm
• Reduces Traditional Flame Lengths
• Reduces Noise