HCVC 1000

High Capacity Vapor Combustor

ASHCOR’s HCVC 1000 are made of a stainless steel body and designed to withstand heavy wind, harsh oil and gas environments and other stringent conditions.

Built to promote environment and site safety, ASHCOR’s HCVC 1000 have distinct features such as minimal noise pollution and reduced radiant heat.

Enclosed Flares are equipped with ASHCOR flame arresters and Flame Smart burner management controls that help improve safety in site operations.

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Product Information

Designed and manufactured with your individual site in mind, ASHCOR’s High Capacity Vapor Combustors are a reliable solution for any application that needs to safely and efficiently burn off waste gas.

Product Application

The High Capacity Vapor Combustor is versatile enough to operate in a variety of applications such as:

Tank Batteries

The ASHCOR HCVC 500 can eliminate gas coming off tank batteries when a pipeline or other infrastructure is unavailable.

Production Operations

Oil and gas production operations include flowback. Gas released during this process must be vented when infrastructure is unavailable, and the ASHCOR HCVC 500 is the solution.

Pipeline Pump and Compressor Stations

When gas is released to regulate pressure along a pipeline, combustion is necessary to eliminate harmful contaminates. The ASHCOR HCVC 500 is designed to meet this need.

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities

The ASHCOR HCVC 500 is manufactured to handle venting of gas released into the atmosphere at facilities for processing oil into products for the end-user.


Flaring is necessary to burn harmful gas that can leak from terminals, including oil depots, rail terminals and more. The ASHCOR HCVC 500 can assist with this need.


Multiple industries produce harmful organic waste, biogas, which generates dangerous amounts of methane that can be eliminated through flaring using the ASHCOR HCVC 500.

Methane Destruction

The use of the ASHCOR HCVC 500 to vent methane reduces the carbon footprint in industries such as mining, oil and gas, landfill and agriculture.

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Flame Arrester
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Flame Smart BMS
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Additional information

Standard Flare System Specs

• 63 MMBTU/hr firing capacity
• Gas train controls and monitors gas flow to the burners
• Continuous pilot and flame presence monitoring
• Pressure based system operation
• Integrated Flame Smart burner management controls
• ASHCOR flame arresters

Optional Upgrade Features

• Solar panel functionality
• Class 1/Div 2 rated Flame Smart burner management system