ASHCOR Steam Assisted Flare System

ASHCOR’s (ASH-STEAM) Steam Assisted Flares are designed to dispose of heavier hydrocarbon gases. Steam is injected into the waste stream using high pressure peripheral and center steam jets.


Steam flares are used in refineries and petrochemical plants, and with applications where high pressure steam is available on site. They are typically found in downstream applications where high efficiency combustion of heavy hydrocarbons is required.

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Product Information

ASHCOR’s Steam Assisted Flare’s are a reliable solution for any application that needs to safely and efficiently burn off waste gas.

Product Application

ASHCOR’s Steam Assisted Flare's are versatile enough to operate in a variety of applications, including:

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities
Steam Assisted Flare System
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Additional information

Equipped With

• Scalable build options
• Fixed or Retractable Pilots
• Smokeless capacity per customer requirements
• High efficiency steam nozzles
• Ignition Control System

Upgrade Features

• Solar panel functionality for sites without power