Air Assist Flare

ASHCOR’s Air Assist flare is made of a stainless steel body and is designed to withstand heavy wind and other stringent oil and gas environmental conditions. The air-assisted flare is designed for duties where low pressure gases are required to have a smokeless burn and where no process steam is available.


ASHCOR’s Air Assist Flare system (ASHC-AIR) is designed to provide smokeless flare operation for LP applications, utilizing center injected air. Design is based primarily on a static pressure drop through the air line of 6 to 12 inches WC. Ideal for use in flaring of high molecular weight blanket gas from tanks at oil production facilities or wherever high molecular weight gases are present.


Flare Burner is equipped with Air/Gas mixing devices giving inherent purge reduction.


Flare burner is also equipped with ASHCOR’s highly reliable electronic flare ignition control system or a flame front generator flare ignition system. Manual flame front can be used as a backup to the electronic ignition, if desired, but is not required.

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Product Information

The ASHCOR Air Assist flare is designed for complete and efficient combustion of heavy waste gas and/or low supply pressure. The flare system houses a gas riser in the center of the air anulus, and uses a vane axial blower to inject air directly into the gas stream as it exits, ensuring smokeless combustion.

Product Application

The Air Assist Flare is versatile enough to operate in a variety of applications such as:

Tank Batteries

ASHCOR Air Assist flares can eliminate gas coming off tank batteries when a pipeline or other infrastructure is unavailable.

Product Operations

The Air Assist flare can be used to vent gas released during the flowback process when infrastructure is unavailable.

Air Assist Flare
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Flame Arrester
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Flame Smart BMS
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Additional information

Standard Flare System Specs

• Quad O compliant
• Retractable pilots
• Capacity up to 7 MMSCFD
• Scalable build options up to 40 feet
• Guy supported air riser with internal gas riser
• Can handle wind speeds up to 120 mph
• Radiation at 1500 BTU/square foot
• 40 CFR 60.18 compliant (>98% VOC destruction efficiency)
• Vane axial blower
• ASHCOR flame arresters
• Flame Smart burner management system

Optional Upgrade Features

• Fixed pilots
• Low pressure burner options