Enclosed Combustors

Designed and manufactured with your individual site in mind, ASHCOR’s enclosed combustors are a reliable solution for any application that needs to safely and efficiently burn off waste gas without a visible flame.

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We understand each industry and site has unique needs and challenges, which is why ASHCOR products are versatile enough to operate within a variety of applications.

Tank Batteries

Within upstream oil and gas, a tank battery stores crude oil produced from a well and are often located near the production site. ASHCOR flares can eliminate gas coming off tank batteries when a pipeline or other infrastructure is unavailable.

Production Operations

Oil and gas production operations include flowback – when fluid used to hydraulically fracture a shale formation is recovered from the well at the surface. Gas released during this process must be vented when infrastructure is unavailable.

Pipeline Pump and Compressor Stations

In midstream oil and gas operations, compressor stations are located along a pipeline and serve to compress gas to a pressure that allows it to travel through the pipeline uninterrupted. When gas is released to regulate pressure, flaring is necessary to eliminate harmful contaminates.


In midstream and downstream oil and gas operations, oil or petrochemical product storage is required before and after the products are transported to end users. These can include oil depots, rail terminals and more. Flaring is necessary to burn harmful gas that can leak from terminals.

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities

After initial extraction, oil and gas must be transported to processing facilities to make it into its final form for the end-user. Gas released into the atmosphere at these facilities must be vented.


Landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, processing plants and similar industries produce harmful organic waste, biogas, which generates dangerous amounts of methane that can be eliminated through flaring.

Methane Destruction

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas emitted during the production and transport of coal, oil and natural gas. Methane emissions also result from livestock and other agricultural practices and by the decay of organic waste in landfills. The use of enclosed combustors to vent methane reduces the carbon footprint in these industries.